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Crete Property Consultants have the good fortune to meet and view some excellent value and standard work of Cretan builders both in the area of new build and renovation and are proud to give their names and show a few pictures of their work. All these builders come from the area in which they work and respect totally the environment with no wish whatsoever to develop second class building or mass produced housing.

Please note that they do not work for Crete Property Consultants directly and are not part of the company but we are always happy to pass on contacts for building work which we hope will be useful and whose work we ourselves admire.

Domisi Development design and builds high quality, modern residential estates. Offers property management services and provides options for commercial use. A complete range of services that makes their solution a safe and high valued investment. Specialised departments manage:

1. Architectural and structural design
2. Building construction
3. Interior design
4. After sales maintenance (including plumbing, electricity, swimming pool, decor etc.)

Domisi Development is definitely the best move for someone who wants to make an investment. High quality construction, aesthetic value and carefully chosen sites, both inside and outside towns and villages, guarantee the growth of the building's value. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

George: This young man in his thirties studied in Manchester specialising in stone renovation, he speaks perfect English and his great interest is in renovating old stone built houses. He will be happy to undertake work in the North East of Heraklion or even a little further away

Manolis: born and bred in the area of Pitsidia which is located in the South of Heraklion Province, he undertakes both his own building work on new build stone innovations with lovely, original touches and also renovations for existing owners. At about 50 years old he has experience and expertise in new stone work, renovation work and new concrete or prefabricated buildings. His houses can only be described as Dream houses!

Manos: South East. His family are from this area - Ierapetra - Sitia and villages around. At approx. 50 years old he has huge experience and expertise. He does specialised stone work and also new buildings to a very high standard.

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