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Agios Georgios

This is s small and very picturesque country village, constructed on the side of a green and fertile ravine, just off the main road between the North coast town of Sitia and the south coast resort of Makrigialos. Originally called Tourtouloi the village and its surrounding area is well supplied with water from the gorge that runs all the year round ensuring the area is well stocked with large trees and shrubs and means the residents of this lovely area enjoy growing some of the best vegetables and fruit. The spring in the lower half of the village has a beautiful taverna set under some huge plane trees beside the water source making it a cool and peaceful place for an enjoyable meal. It is a popular venue for both the local inhabitants as well as the citizens of the Sitia area.

This village is the birthplace of the folk musician Manolis Perrakis and there are two caves, the ‘Mikro Katofigi’ nearby that was inhabited in antiquity which was a small hall, a generously ornamented gallery and water basins and the Megalo Katofigi with its two big halls and a very large fresh water lake.

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