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One of the most unspoiled villages in Crete 10 kilometres from Zakros and 22 kilometres from Sitia this village consists of lovely whitewashed houses with terracotta tiled roofs inhabited by Cretans, and little hidden streets of stone houses waiting to be rescued, the views of the countryside are panoramic, the atmosphere is just of a sleeping Greek village untouched by tourism and time except it has electricity and amenities there. However if you are hoping for more than the local Kafenion do not bother to go, a wonderful spot ideal for an artist or writer, excellent tarmac road will take you to buy your groceries and other things, meanwhile you have stepped back in time. The air is pure, the birds are singing and you are surrounded by abundant vegetation and fertile greenery. This was the centre for local people taking their papers to be dealt with and the cute, tiny little building says in Greek (and believe it or not English) Town Hall!! It is in the middle of an exceptional beautiful plateau. It maintains its traditional colour and many old stone buildings still exist.. near the settlement are two of the most important caves in Crete – Katofigi and Peristeras Caves with evidence of past habitation. Birthplace of Nikolaos Papadakis the first Registrar of Crete, history researcher, the founder and the manager of the historic archive of Crete.

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