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15 kms south of Heraklion. It has tavernas, cafenions, shops, a good bus route and even a DIY shop. Where capitals of Doric columns were found and also small clay votive tablets of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. In the village there is a Byzantine church which is worth seeing. It has three naves and is dedicated to Christ the Lord, Saint Nicholas and Saint Demetrius. This church was decorated with frescoes, but these have not survived.
Village of the Province of Pediadas in Iraklion. 900 inhabitants, 340m.above sea level. It is situated on the 15th klm of the main artery leading to Kasteli, Vianno etc. The inhabitants are mostly involved in the vine-growing field (raisins, table grapes, wine grapes) and olive-crop as well.
There are three churches. The three- aisle Byzantine church of the Transfiguration, of Saint Nikolaos and of Saint Dimitrios. In the centre there is a big dome and four smaller ones forming the shape of a cross. According to the tradition it was built "by five unmarried sisters and each one of them built one of the domes. From the remains of the construction materials, the "gravels", the church of Saint Georgios the Gravel was built as well as another three-aisle church the one of the Assumption of the Virgin.
There are also eleven gorgeous country churches with Saint Panteleimona's being the most distinctive one. It is situated 300 m. before the village in a magnificent, picturesque place where a big fair is held annually on the 27th July.
The earliest reference to the settlement is made in a document of 1212. In that year the Doge of Venice P.Ziani ratified the following assets occupied since the time of the Byzantine.... two grape yards, the one being muscat, in the village of Scovani. In a 1271 contract of the notary of Chandakas P Scardon it is mentioned that Rufinus de Spello, of the village of Conave sells in advance an amount of good quality of wheat to Ioanni Raynaloto, inhabitant of Chandakas.
"The words "Conave" and "Cunavus

€113,000 Village / Town : Kounavi Reference : RB 261 Distance from Sea : 10 km A charming stone built house with two bedrooms and two bath facilities. Large courtyard. Parking in front. Situated in Kounavi.

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