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On the outskirts of the village there are several new houses, but otherwise little modernization. Spectacular views southeast towards Ag. Galini, and west to the White Mountains, the view south includes the Kourtaliotiko Canyon leading to Plakias Bay and it’s many beaches, this is a short drive of 12km.1.5km down the road is the village of Mixorouma, where there is a mini market, petrol station, new cake shop and bakery, the town of Spili is just 5km to the east.Both Hania and Heraklion airports are approximately one and a half hours drive. Situated 26 kms from Rethymno. 1.5 km from the main road to Ag. Galini. Situated above Mixorouma, it is steeped in history.

On sunday 20th Jan. 1827, Turkish invaders set fire to the church. Almost the entire population were slaughtered; those who had not been inside the church were sold as slaves. Today the beautiful Church of Panagia, is a monument to the ‘The sacrifice of Lambini 1827’ with its splendid dome and central nave, has parts dating back to the 14th century; this can be seen in the architecture of the building and the wall paintings. The present day church is a restoration of the older building dating back to the first years of the Venetian occupation of the island. In spite of the Turkish Occupation, the church has weathered well and some of the wall paintings have survived. There are tombs under the floor of the church, where possibly the donors, or the bishops of Lambi as was the custom, lie buried. Just behind the church are the original buildings that used to be the headquarters of the county of Lambis, now moved to the mountain town of Spili, 5km away. The village is a quiet retreat, with whitewashed houses lining the paved alleyways that wind there way through the village. It has two friendly kafenions, one of which I sat in during a recent visit and learned about this history from several of the villagers, whilst being treated to the usual Greek coffee and the odd glass of raki!The village produces wine, olives and raki, and the day to day lifestyle of its 154 inhabitants goes on as it has done for hundred of years.

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