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Is situated approx 47 kilometres South West from Heraklion. It is famous for its spring water, one of the best in the world. It is an amazingly pretty, vibrant village with flowers and trees everywhere, 30 minutes from the southern beaches. All houses there have free water from the abundant springs. It has banks, small shops, butchers, bakers, petrol stations and other amenities and is 20 minutes from Mires for any very big purchases. 5 minutes North of the village is the lovely tranquil lake/spring of Zaros and the beginning of the Zaros Gorge. The countryside is green and abundant and quite unspoiled.
3 kilometres before you reach Zaros is a beautiful village called Pania sitting on both sides of a valley the village looks fantastic as you drive towards it. Just before you enter the village is a wonderful taverna that is surrounded in greenary with a small childs play area with a lovely view from the outside terrace of the village below and around.

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