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Achladia is lovely quiet Cretan village with tavernas, kafenions and minimarket. There is a small sport centre just outside the village with tennis and swimming pool. It is around 10-15 minutes drive from Sitia and sandy beaches. [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Agia Galini

About 35 miles from Rethimno and reached by some quite windy roads. The village is built on the hillsides surrounding the port with spectacular sea views. There are several tavernas, restaurants and bars, most of which are down by the port and the villa [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Agii Deka

A traditional village 32 kilometres south of Heraklion near to the Festos Antiquities and an easy drive to sandy beaches of Kokkinos Pirgos, Matala and Agia Galini. It has kafenions, tavernas, and shops. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


This is an outstandingly pretty village, unspoiled by time or tourism, with a cafenion and postal restante boxes. It is 5 minutes drive from Agii Deka with its amenities, minimarkets, tavernas etc., and 6 kms from mires with all facilities including bank [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A village in Southern Heraklion Province about 20 minutes drive to Lenda Beach and 30 minutes to Agia Galini. It has a post office, banks, tavernas, cafenions and supermarkets. There is a big public market on Thursday. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A small, quiet, sleepy village with an interesting museum and a couple of cafenions a taverna and tiny minimarket but a short drive to Vori with most amenities. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A pretty and traditional little village nestled on the side of the mountain, with fantastic views. 18 kilometres to the sea. Every year there is a big festival on the 6th of August, it is very busy and there is live music with a fantastic atmosphere. Abou [Properties, Info & Pictures]


An untouched traditional village on the southern side of Heraklion. It is 65 km from the airport and 15 minutes drive from the beautiful beach of Lenda Bay. situated 13 kms from Agii Deka. It has a pretty square with a fountain and a couple of cafenions [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A nice little village with outstanding sea views, a little square, minimarket and a couple of cafenions. About 3 minutes drive from Magarikari with more facilities. 5 kms from Timbaki. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Harakas is a traditional hilly, green village, with beautiful churches, the Church of Saint Paraskevi and Saint John's Cemetary. About 50 kilometres from Heraklion Airport. There are many facilities such as the Medical Centre, the High School, tavernas, a [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A bustling seaside town with many amenities and nice sandy beaches. It is approx. 1 hour 30 minutes from Heraklion but will be shorter when the new road is completed. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A charming village just 10 minutes drive from Timbaki and its beaches and enormous facilities and 10 kms from Zaros with its facilities, tavernas etc. The village itself has a minimarket, a couple of cafenions and a taverna. It is 57 kms from Heraklion. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Lively Cretan village with some small shops, open all year round and only 1.5 kms from the popular sandy beaches of Kalamaki. About one hour 15 minutes drive from the airport. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Beautiful unspoiled village with a couple of kafeneons and lovely traditional lanes and houses. Very peaceful area with a nice Church at the entrance of the village. Taverna and petrol station approx 2 kilometres away and 14 kilometres from Timbaki with a [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A village inland a short way from Timbaki beach and Kalamaki – this are is slightly elevated and therefore has nice views. About one hour and quarter from the airport. [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Kokkinos Pirgos

A delightful little fishing village with a natural harbour, a few tavernas, kafeneons and a minimarket. Many nice beaches around. Situated at 65 kms from the airport of Heraklion. You can visit the ancient archeological cities of Phaistos, Gortys, Ag.Tria [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Komos Beach

Beautiful sandy beach with one taverna overlooking the sea and mountains. No building is allowed around this area because it is naturally preserved for Turtles nesting there. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A beautiful unspoilt village in the south of Heraklion province 65 kilometres from the airport and about 20 kilometres from the lovely sandy beaches at Lenda.Paving of the streets is planned for the future. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Lovely traditional village with taverna and a mini market available. Only 6 km away from Komos and Matala beach. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Absolutely delightful village set near and around a sheltered sandy cove with sweet little tavernas, about 6 in all and a couple of laid back bars, two minimarkets and a gift shop, but NO discotheques prettily cobbled in places and very unspoiled with a m [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A nice, traditional village in a quiet area with lovely views around. Fifteen minutes drive from Agii Deka where there are doctors, supermarkets, tavernas, cafenions etc. About fifteen minutes drive to the southern beaches. Approximately 10 kms from Agii [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Nice quite village with great mountain views. A little square, minimarket and a couple of cafenions. About 7 kms from Timbaki and the beach. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A little resort that has grown up round a sheltered sandy cove with caves in the surrounding cliffs. Many little gift shops and tavernas overlooking the sandy beach. About one and a half hours drive from the airport, 2 kms from Pitsidia, and 12 minutes [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Matala Beach

The famous beach preferred by hippies, who used to live in the many caves of Matala in the late 60's and early 70's. The beach is relatively protected from north winds and in the Summer quite crowded. However it appears as a secluded sandy cove with caves [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Matala Fringes

The fringes of Matala provide beautiful sheltered sandy coves with caves in the surrounding cliffs. Many little gift shops and tavernas overlooking the sandy beach. About one and a half hours drive from the airport, 2 kms from Pitsidia, and 12 minutes d [Properties, Info & Pictures]


An inland, large, busy village where a lot of people working locally live – attractive with winding streets and lovely surrounding countryside. Many amenities. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Miamou is a small village, very quiet and traditional, close to Lendas Beach, if you like fishing or diving. In a beach close by to the village there is a Scuba diving school with three teachers. The village has a lovely view because it is elevated and th [Properties, Info & Pictures]


This rather large agrarian and commercial village is situated south west of Heraklion town and approximately 14 kilometres from many beaches. There are different restaurants and accommodation to choose from and a nearby park, making for beautiful walks su [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Attractive, vibrant, traditional village situated 6 kms from the beaches of Matala and Komos Beach. Minimarkets, tavernas, churches, village junior school and petrol station are among the facilities there and it is only 15 minutes drive from Mires with i [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A vibrant living Cretan village with all amenities, one of the most sought after in south Crete, only about 1.5 kms from the sandy beaches with little tavernas, cafénions and shops. A private, secluded property – yet only just over an hour from the airpo [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A small rustic Cretan village with stones houses. It is at a short drive from the bustling town of Mires with all the amenities like banks, tavernas, shops, supermarket etc. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A pretty and traditional village situated about 25 kilometres from the sea. With many old houses and buildings set around Cretan lanes. There are two kafeneon and a mini market open all year round. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A village at about 10 minutes drive from the sea. It is a nice traditional village a short drive from Mires with all its facilities the village itself has a nice square and pretty church. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


The quaint village of Roufas situated approximately 25 km from Matala Beach. A very short walk from the house is a water fountain in a small square creating a nice atmosphere for the location of the property. The village has some properties renovated keep [Properties, Info & Pictures]


A nice village just north of Pitsidia with little Cretan tavernas, butchers shop etc. Really untouched by tourism. It is located in south Crete, the nearest beaches are Matala and Komos Beach about 6 kms away. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Large, but very peaceful village with a traditional and rural feel. Beautiful mountain views. There are some little stores, a kafenion, a hairdressers, a playground and a school. It is approximately 3 km away from Asimi and its market and doctors. The way [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Small village with a Taverna open all year. Few houses around. Lendas is 3 km away. [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Vagonia is a lively Cretan village in a peaceful part of southern Crete about 20 minutes drive from unspoiled sandy beaches and surrounded by magnificent countryside. 5 minutes drive from Agii Deka and about 60 km to Heraklion airport. The village square [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Is traditional peaceful village with tavernas, mini markets, doctor. Situated 10 kms from Agii Deka, 15 from Mires and 40 kms from Heraklion. 15 minutes drive to the sandy beaches of the south 15 kms away. [Properties, Info & Pictures]

Vassilika Anogia

Is a lovely village 63 kilometres from the airport of Heraklion going south and 20 kms from the beautiful beach of Lenda. Unspoiled and very pretty. Although no supermarket in the village there is one big one 500 metres away on the fringes of Flathiakes t [Properties, Info & Pictures]


Is situated approx 47 kilometres South West from Heraklion. It is famous for its spring water, one of the best in the world. It is an amazingly pretty, vibrant village with flowers and trees everywhere, 30 minutes from the southern beaches. All houses [Properties, Info & Pictures]

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